Div:a is a non-profit initiative dedicated to empowering young girls with coding skills, in order to protect their futures and address the industry’s gender imbalance.

What we aim to do

Give young girls truly useful and relevant skills to fall back on in the event that they’re not able to receive a tertiary-level education

The idea is that no Div:a student should find themselves in the kind of vulnerable position where marrying young is their only prospect after leaving school

Address Africa’s significant shortage of developers in general

Ensure that women are better represented in the development industry by empowering our girls to go out and correct the gender imbalance themselves



Why It's Important to teach girls code

In as much as we are good at a lot of things as women, coding is one domain that our girls grow up thinking boys are better at than they are. It is our duty as women in code to show our girls that they are just as equally capable to code as the boys.

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UI, UX and Dev intertwined

Everything has it’s place in the universe of code. This helped me understand that everything has a place in life too.

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DIV:A Confidence

Confidence is a very difficult character trait to attain and maintain, especially when you are coming of age.

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A DIV:A is born

On the 10th of February, I kicked off the div:a programme where I train young girls how to code.

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When we first started teaching the girls how to code, they would sit with blank screens...

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